Panama City, Central America

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Panama City, Central America

Panama City is an engaging and mysterious metropolis, a multifaceted place born out of constant cultural exchanges and, at times, conflicts. A city hanging in the balance: between South and North America, tradition and innovation, luxury and poverty, overlooked by the steel of skyscrapers and surrounded by sandy beaches and green forests. Enjoy cosmopolitan Panama, wander through handicraft markets, large malls, local restaurants, and have fun during the vibrant Panamanian nights.

Country Destinations

Panama is a country fascinating in its natural wonders, teeming with splendid beaches, expansive forests and massive volcanoes. What makes this country even more special is its mixture of wild nature with modernity and comforts of the city life. Enjoy Panama in all its nuances, hike under the hot sun, refresh yourself in the crystal-clear waters, climb the impressive Baru Volcano and party until the crack of dawn.

Top 5 Tours

If you are visiting Panama for a short period of time, these are the tours not to be missed.

Do & See

Panama City is a vibrant and dynamic capital, permeated by ancient indigenous traditions, surrounded by breathtaking tropical nature and buzzing with underground parties. Enjoy metropolitan living or explore the unspoiled natural environment.


It's safe to say that Panama City's food scene is an attraction on its own. The city's heterogeneous culinary offer will cater to your every whim! Wander around Casco Viejo for traditional local food or explore the city to find delicious Italian restaurants, vegetarian recipes or cosmopolitan, breathtaking rooftop bars.


Choose your suitcase carefully, for Panama City is ready to fill it. Colorful handicraft markets, fascinating jewelry workshops and massive shopping centers beckon.

Bars & Nightlife

Panama City has everything you are looking for when it comes to entertainment. Whether you are here on business, for leisure, with the family, or just exploring the city by yourself, you can’t miss out on Panama’s nightlife. The city has a lot to offer when the sun goes down: from casual breweries to stylish nightclubs, from underground hangouts in the heart of the city to fancy rooftop bars with spectacular views.

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